Commercial Export Syndicate

  • Cinnamon Products

    Sri Lanka is the leading source of cinnamon, producing not only four-fifth of the world production but a wide selection of grades as well

  • Pepper

    Stockist of fine quality black pepper of Sri Lanka produce

  • Cloves

    Exceptional dried cloves from rich plantations in Sri Lanka

  • Authentic, Fresh and all Natural

  • Your top choice for all spices

  • World’s wide range of Spices

  • Experience the highest quality from world famous Sri Lanka Tea

  • Comes to you right from the Source

  • Sri Lankan natutral white sesame seeds
    Sri Lankan mixed natural sesame seeds

    A great value for oil production, food preperation and for sweet Halwa...!

Our Vision

To become the leading and the most trusted trader of spices and other related food products worldwide.

Our Mission

Where quality is the test, we stand first…! We are committed towards maintaining the excellent quality of the products to satisfy our customers’ with the assistance of our efficient and motivated workforce. We consistently endeavor to come up with innovative ideas for the development of our product lines so as to provide our customers’ with a unique buying experience.


Corporate Profile

Commercial Export Syndicate (CES) is a Sri Lankan based trading company, dealing in the export and import of spices and other related products worldwide. The core values of our business have established us as a reliable spice exporter in the country. We are also increasingly making our presence be felt internationally with providing our foreign clients with a unique range and satisfaction guaranteed spice products. What makes us distinctive from the rest is our philosophy on freshness. We capture the true essence of the island, by sourcing the spice crops from local farmers, the absolute best our region has to offer and process them in-house so only premium quality spices reach our customers.

Commercial Export Syndicate specializes in an extensive selection of Spices such as cinnamon, pepper, cloves, mace, nutmeg; Pulses like green & black gram, red and white cowpea, soya beans, white & black sesame.

As well as other products such as Maize, Garcinia cambogia, Areca nut, Coffee, and Tea; Essential oils like cinnamon oil: Bark & Leaf Oil, and Sesame seed oil; and other custom made organic products.

We are marketing our products categorized under the brand names: "Londis" for all our spice items, "Ceylon Tips" for our tea & coffee items, and "Spice Wave" for the assortment of craft and gift items made with cut pieces of our spices. Our products are available with local merchants, supermarkets and they have garnered a positive response on a global scale as well. We offer multiple packaging sizes for all our products to accommodate the requirements of our customers. If bulk quantities are wished to be purchased, we can cater to your specifications by packaging in 20 ft or 40ft containers and in addition we also provide our customers with value added services.

We have access to strong supplier groups who are eco-friendly and only practice socially ethical methods in growing the crops. At CES, the processing of crops is done utilizing sophisticated technology under the supervision of expert personnel and food technologists. Hence we are able to obtain the best of spice crops, process them complying with the highest quality standards and offer premium products at competitive prices both nationally and internationally.

Our key objective is to satisfy our customers’ by delivering them with superior quality products as per their specifications and continually work towards retaining their trust in us.

Our Values

Commitment to Excellence

We believe our commitment starts at the point of its origin; hence it is necessary to cultivate successful collaborations from suppliers to customers and execute our tasks in the best possible manner. Our products should reach the customers at the right time and condition.

Customer Satisfaction

Keeping our customers satisfied is of utmost importance to us. We always aim to exceed our customers’ expectations by offering higher value products.

Constant Adherence to Quality

We strictly follow all quality parameters and are uncompromising on that end. We integrate latest technology to the processing of our products which is supervised by our specialized workforce; therefore we are able to provide our customers with premium quality products.


To be honest and give as much information as possible to consumers about our products they buy and use.

Inspiring Well-being

We are motivated towards promoting a healthier world. We abide by the food safety policies and ensure high levels of hygiene at all stages of the supply chain so that healthy products can be delivered to the consumers.


We continuously strive to enrich the taste and improve the flavor of our spice products and provide the consumers with our brand of ingenious products and services.


To be ethically unyielding and inspiring trust by keeping true to our words, maintaining our code of conduct and taking responsibility for our actions.